“Denise came to my rescue when I was exhausted and at the end of my rope trying to breastfeed. She is professional, kind and caring and gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to breastfeed successfully!” – Amanda L, Macon, GA

“I am so thankful to have had Denise help me with different issues I encountered when breastfeeding both of my sons.  I have been impressed not only by how knowledgeable she is, but even more so by how much she truly cared about me and my babies. Working with her is easy and comfortable. I would recommend her to every breastfeeding mom!” – Emily H, Macon, GA

“As a mother of twin girls in the nicu for a month I thought nursing, let alone tandem nursing would never happen for me. I found Denise  and she is amazing! She makes you feel so comfortable and she helped me learn little tricks that made all the difference. I feel without her help I would not have been nursing my girls today. I am so grateful for her patience and understanding when I was so frustrated with breastfeeding. You can really tell she deeply cares and loves what she does!” – Kelli, Ft. Valley, GA

“I’ve officially thrown all nipple shields away! He’s been shield-less for 5 days now [with] an 8 ounce weight gain in 1 week! Needless to say, you were a blessing to us!!” M. D.

“My experience with breastfeeding for my oldest daughter was incredibly difficult. I experienced multiple bouts of mastitis and I was unable to reach a point where I felt really comfortable breastfeeding. When I had my second daughter, I knew I wanted the experience to be different; however, the experience started out incredibly similar. Thankfully, I met Denise and she was a life saver. She was comforting and encouraging. She helped me problem solve and increased my confidence in being able to provide for my little one. I can’t recommend Denise enough for her care and compassion as a lactation consultant.”  Leigh B, Macon, GA